To register a vehicle with the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (UT DMV), visit the closest office location with the vehicle title, driver’s license, proof of insurance, and certificate of inspection if required. The registration fee is based on the vehicle’s year and weight, plus the resident’s county of residence.

For individuals who are temporarily living outside of Utah, they can also register their vehicle by mail. New car? New Utah resident? If so, individuals need to register their car(s) with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Registering a Vehicle in Utah

New to Utah?

After establishing Utah residency, individuals have 60 days to register and title their vehicle with the Utah DMV. Both can be completed at the same time. For the complete scoop on titling, visit our Title Transfers page.

To complete the UT car registration process, bring to the local DMV office:

  • A completed Vehicle Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656).
  • The current out-of-state vehicle registration certificate.
  • A completed Certificate of Inspection (Form TC-661).
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection can be completed by a DMV employee during the registration process.
  • Proof of passing a safety inspection and/or emissions test, if applicable (see “Utah Vehicle Inspections” below).
  • Payment for registration fees (see “UT Vehicle Registration Fees” below).

Vehicles Bought from a Dealership

After purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, the dealer will submit the vehicle registration documents to the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles. They will also provide temporary registration. This temporary registration allows individuals to drive until their permanent registration certificate arrives in the mail.

Vehicles Purchased from a Private Party

To register a vehicle purchased from a private party, arrive at the local DMV office with:

  • The signed-over title.
  • A valid UT driver’s license.
  • Proof of Utah car insurance.
  • Proof of passing a safety inspection and/or smog test, if applicable (see “Utah Vehicle Inspections” below).
  • Payment for the $6 temporary permit fee, plus all other title and registration fees (see “Vehicle Registration Fees” below).

Utah residents will be issued a temporary permit that allows them to legally drive while their permanent registration is being processed.

Similarly, residents who have not yet completed a vehicle inspection or emissions test may use this time to get those tests done and bring the paperwork back to the DMV.

Transferring a Utah Vehicle Registration

To transfer license plates to a new vehicle, visit a nearby UT DMV office with:

  • The existing license plates. The DMV will inspect them to make sure they’re still legible.
  • A valid UT driver’s license.
  • The vehicle’s title, signed over to the Utah resident.
  • Proof of UT auto insurance.
  • Proof of passing an emissions test and/or safety inspection, if applicable (see “Utah Vehicle Inspections” below).
  • Payment for registration fees (see “UT Vehicle Registration Fees” below).

Temporary Utah Registration Permit

A temporary Utah vehicle registration permit allows residents to legally operate their vehicle while their registration is being processed, or to complete a required inspection in order to finalize the registration requirements.

Utah residents may obtain this permit from the dealership where they purchased the vehicle, or from any Utah DMV office if they bought the vehicle from a private party.

To receive a Utah registration permit, individuals need to bring to the DMV office:

  • The vehicle’s title signed over to the residents.
  • Proof of auto insurance.
  • Photo identification (ID card or driver’s license).
  • Payment to cover the $8 permit fee and permanent registration fees (see “UT Vehicle Registration Fees” below). You can pay with cash, check, debit, or credit card.


Non-residents of Utah are exempt from registering their vehicle with the Utah DMV if they’re an out-of-state, full-time student studying at any Utah university, college, or any other accredited place of higher learning.

For individuals who are non-residents living or working in Utah (full-time college students and military members the exceptions), must obtain a Utah car registration certificate if they meet any one of the following criteria:

  • They own a Utah driver’s license.
  • They have a permanent Utah residence.
  • They reside in the state for 6 months.
  • Individuals work in Utah (seasonal workers are exempt). This applies even if individuals commute into Utah from another state.
  • They declare Utah residency to take advantage of state services, such as school for the individual’s kids.

Out-of-State Registration in UT

For individuals who are temporarily living outside the state, they may register their vehicle in Utah without being present.

The UT DMV allows individuals to register by mail by following the “New to Utah” requirements posted above.

Since getting an emissions test may be tricky for residents who live in a state that does not require testing, the DMV strongly encourages calling them for help with this as well as help with determining the vehicle’s exact registration fee. Individuals may reach them at: (800) 368-8824. (801) 297-2020 TDD for hearing impaired.

UT Vehicle Registration Fees

The following factors are considered when determining a vehicle registration fee:

  • Year of the vehicle.
  • Weight of the vehicle.
  • County of residence (sales and use tax rates vary by county).

When the time comes to register, residents will be charged one of the 2 following fees, in addition to applicable county and weight-based fees:

  • Uniform age-based fee.
  • Uniform fee-in-lieu of property tax.
  • Uniform Age-Based Fee

A uniform age-based fee is, as its name indicates, a fee based on the age of the vehicle, and applies to passenger vehicles only:

  • Less than 3 years old: $150.
  • 3 to less than 6 years old: $110.
  • 6 to less than 9 years old: $80.
  • 9 to less than 12 years old: $50.
  • 12 years old or older: $10.

Uniform Fee-in-Lieu of Property Tax

The uniform-fee-in-lieu of property tax applies to:

  • Commercial trailers.
  • Medium and heavy-duty trucks.
  • Motor homes.

The fee, as determined by the Utah Tax Commission, is based on

  • 1.5% of the market value of commercial trailers and trucks.
  • 1% of the market value of motor homes.

For help in determining the exact amount of the registration fee, call a DMV agent at (800) 368-8824 or (801) 297-2020 for the hearing impaired.

Obtain a Duplicate Registration

If the vehicle registration is lost, damaged, or stolen, it needs to be replaced immediately. To obtain a duplicate registration, visit your local DMV office with:

  • A valid UT driver’s license.
  • Payment to cover the $4 duplicate registration fee.

Safety Inspections

Certain vehicles MUST undergo a Utah safety inspection, including:

  • Salvage vehicle owners who are requesting a rebuilt vehicle title.
  • Commercial vehicles.
  • Street-legal ATV.
  • School bus.
  • Bus or van for hire.
  • Ground transportation service provider.
  • Three or more axles.

If a vehicle qualifies for a Utah safety inspection, individuals can present their vehicle at a Utah Department of Public Safety (DPS)-approved safety inspection station.

The maximum inspection fee is $40. Find out more about safety inspections and inspection station locations by contacting DPS at (801) 965-4889.

VIN Inspections

Individuals who are registering their vehicle in Utah for the first time are required to have a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection completed. A safety inspection will typically suffice for passenger vehicles, as long as the VIN number listed on your inspection certificate is accurate.

UT residents who are registering a boat, trailer, off-highway vehicle, or snowmobile will need to have a separate VIN inspection completed at any DMV office for free.

Emission Inspections

Emission checks are only required if individuals reside in one of the following counties:

  • Davis.
  • Salt Lake.
  • Utah.
  • Weber.
  • Cache.

Utah License Plates

While registering a vehicle, residents also need to decide on a license plate design. The DMV will issue a standard Utah license plate design unless individuals opt for one of the state’s specialized plates. The options are many and include personalized plates.

Replace a Lost Utah License Plate

If a Utah license plate is damaged or disappears, Utah residents need to replace it immediately.

Visit a local DMV office with:

  • The current Utah car registration certificate.
  • Either your license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN).

Payment (cash, check, credit, or debit card) to cover one of the following license plate fees:

  • Vanity license plate: $16.
  • Standard license plate: $12.
  • Special group license plate: $17.
  • License plate decal: $5.

Or, if individuals prefer to order a duplicate by mail, gather:

  • A handwritten request letter.
  • A copy of your Utah vehicle registration certificate.
  • A check or money order (payable to “Utah State Tax Commission”) for one of the license plate fees listed above, plus a $4 mailing fee (postage fee is waived for a vanity license plate).

Mail documents and check to:

Division of Motor Vehicles
Mail and Correspondence
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Registering a Non-Operational Vehicle

UT residents will not incur any late registration fines if they take their vehicle off the road and allow its registration to expire.

Motorcycle Registration in Utah

In Utah, individuals must register their motorcycle with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before taking it out for a spin. On this page, we’ll teach individuals everything they need to know about registering their bike in UT.

New Utah Residents

Once individuals have established Utah residency, they have 60 days to register their motorcycle by presenting the following items at a local Utah DMV office branch:

  • The motorcycle’s current out-of-state title AND registration.

A completed:

  • A safety inspection certificate, depending on the model year of the motorcycle.
  • Payment for the $46 registration fee PLUS any other applicable fees and taxes.

If residents have more questions about registering their motorcycle in Utah, give the local UT DMV a call.

Registering a UT Motorcycle

The process for registering a motorcycle will differ depending on whether they purchased it at a dealership OR through a private seller.

Motorcycles Bought at Dealerships

When buying a new or used motorcycle at a Utah dealership, the dealer will handle the titling and registration process. Once the required documents are submitted to the UT Division of Motor Vehicles, residents of Utah will receive their license plates, title, and registration in the mail.

Before leaving the dealership, it’s a good idea to confirm that no additional steps will be required. While waiting for the permanent motorcycle registration to arrive, the dealership may provide individuals with temporary registration.

The fees for registering a motorcycle will normally be included in the purchase price. Residents can find a breakdown of the motorcycle registration fees and taxes below.

Motorcycles Purchased from Private Sellers

After buying a motorcycle from a private seller, individuals need to register it themselves by bringing the following items to a local Utah DMV:

  • The current title signed by the buyer AND seller.
  • Include a current odometer reading in the space provided on the title.
  • If residents don’t have a title, present a bill of sale.
  • A completed Application for Utah Title (Form TC-656).
  • A safety inspection certificate if your motorcycle was made in a qualifying year.
  • The $46 base registration fee AND any other applicable fees and taxes.

For an extra fee, UT residents can request a temporary registration permit from the DMV.

UT Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes

Utah residents should be prepared to pay the following registration fees and taxes:

  • Motorcycle registration: $46.

Uniform aged-based fee—Varies by motorcycle age:

  • Under 3 years old: $95.
  • 3 to less than 6 years old: $70.
  • 6 to less than 9 years old: $50.
  • 9 to less than 12 years old: $35.
  • 12 years old or older: $10.

Temporary registration permit—Varies by validity:

  • 15 days: $6.
  • 96 hours: $2.50.

Residents of Utah can find out how much they’ll owe in registration fees for their particular type of motorcycle by calling the Utah DMV at (800) 368-8824.

Boat Registration & Licenses in Utah

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation enacts and enforces all the state’s boating rules and regulations, though vessel registrations and titles are processed through the UT Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For information about how to register and title a boat and the qualifications needed to operate vessels on UT waters, continue reading.

Utah Boat Registration Requirements

In Utah, residents of this state are required to register ALL vessels powered by a sail or motor.

Exceptions to Utah’s registration requirement include:

  • Boats registered out-of-state using Utah waters for 60 days or fewer.
  • Vessels from a different country temporarily using UT waters.
  • U.S. government-owned watercraft.
  • Ship lifeboats.
  • Non-motorized vessels, like:
  • Canoes and kayaks.
  • Sailboards.
  • Inflatable watercraft.

Residents of Utah are also required to title ALL boats manufactured in 1985 or later except for canoes and inflatable watercraft powered by outboard motors with no more than 25 HP.

Individuals who would like confirmation about whether their watercraft needs title and/or registration, call the Division of Parks and Recreation at (801) 538-BOAT.

Boat Title & Registration in Utah

BEFORE submitting a vessel title/registration application, individuals need to:

  • Have the boat’s hull identification number (HIN) inspected IF it has never been titled in Utah before. The only exceptions to this rule are brand new watercraft sold by UT boat dealers.
  • Complete the boat inspection, which can be inspected by a DMV employee OR a Utah peace officer. They will need to complete a Certificate of Inspection (Form TC-661) for residents—hold onto the completed form!
  • Pay uniform fees on the vessel at a UT county assessor’s office.
  • After paying the uniform fees, the assessor will provide a receipt of payment.

Then, UT residents can complete an application for watercraft title and/or registration by submitting the following at the nearest Division of Motor Vehicles office:

  • A completed Vessel Application For Utah Title (Form TC-656V).
  • Proof of uniform fees paid form from the county assessor.
  • If applicable, the Certificate Of Inspection (Form TC-661).
  • The Bill of Sale (Form TC-843).

A proof of ownership document, such as:

  • Properly assigned boat title.
  • Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin.
  • Current registration card (if the vessel’s exempt from titling).
  • Payment for the necessary watercraft title/registration fees.

Utah boat registrations are valid for 1 year, starting on the first day of the month in which individuals registered their boat.

NOTE: At the time of registration, Utah residents need to sign a sworn statement saying they’ll purchase boat insurance (if the vessel qualifies). Utah requires boaters to carry proof of vessel liability coverage on board at all times.

Utah Boat Insurance

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation requires ALL motorboats AND personal watercraft to carry insurance. Residents of Utah can remain in compliance and protect themselves by having an adequate boat insurance policy.

The minimum Utah boat insurance requirements are as follows:

  • $25,000/$50,000 bodily injury/death AND $15,000 property damage.


  • $65,000 combined minimum per accident.

Individuals need to carry proof of insurance at all times when operating their boat.

NOTE: Residents who own an airboat OR a motorboat with an engine of less than 50 horsepower are exempt from the insurance requirements.

Boat Title & Registration Fees

The costs to title and/or register watercraft in Utah are as follows:

  • Registration fees: Vary by type and length of boat; call the Utah DMV at (801) 297-7780 for information on the specific fees residents may owe.
  • *Uniform age-based fee, applied ONLY to personal watercraft AND boats less than 31 ft long (determined by the model year):
  • *Uniform fee in-lieu of property tax, applied to ALL vessels measuring 31 ft or more: 1.5% of the boat’s fair market value.

State Tax Fees:

  • Registration fee: $30.
  • Aquatic invasive species fee (applied to all registrations): $10.
  • Search and Rescue fee: $.50.
  • Electronic Payment fee: $3.
  • Boat title: $6.


  • Registration card: $4.
  • Boat decals: $7.
  • Vessel title: $6.

*NOTE: ALL uniform fees are applied to initial AND renewal watercraft registrations.

UT Boat Renewals & Replacements

All boat registrations are valid for 1 year, starting on the first day of the month in which Utah residents applied for vessel registration. The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles will send residents a renewal notice before their registration expires.

Residents of Utah can renew their boat registration by providing the necessary details about their vessel AND the applicable renewal fees:

  • Online using the DMV’s Renewal Express system.
  • In-person at your local DMV agency (if possible, bring the renewal notice).

By mail (include your renewal notice) to:

Motor Vehicle Division
P.O. Box 30412
Salt Lake City, UT 84130

Replace a Lost Title or Registration

If the Utah vessel title, registration, OR decals are damaged or lost, residents can easily request replacements by providing the following applicable items at your local DMV office branch:

  • The boat’s most recent registration card OR hull identification number (HIN) for duplicate registration card and/or decals.
  • A completed Application for Utah Duplicate Title (Form TC-123) for a duplicate certificate of title.
  • The appropriate fees for a replacement boat title/registration.

Boater Qualifications in Utah

The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation enforces the following age-based rules for boating on state waters.

Individuals who are:

  • Younger than 16 years old can operate motorized vessels and sailboats as long as they’re supervised by someone who’s 18 years old or older.
  • Between 12 to 17 years old can operate personal watercraft (e.g. jet skis and wave runners), only if they’ve completed an approved boating education course.
  • Personal watercraft operators between 12 to 15 years old will also need to be accompanied by an adult who’s 18 years old or older.

Even if residents of Utah are not required to complete boater education, doing so could earn them discounts on Utah boat insurance. UT residents can keep UT waters safe and save money by enrolling in an adult boater education course today!

Accepted Forms of Payment

The Utah Department of Revenue accepts these forms of payment:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Discover card
  • American Express

A convenience fee may be charged for individuals who pay their fees by credit card. Before heading to a local DMV location, Utah residents need to make sure they have the proper form of payment available to avoid late fees and other penalties.

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