In the state of Alabama, vehicles that were manufactured from 1980 and older are required to be titled with the Alabama Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division (MVD). Use the information below to help you transfer your vehicle’s title with the Alabama DMV.

What Do I Need for an Alabama Title Transfer?

Heart of Dixie residents need to have the vehicle’s seller complete the title assignment on the title’s certificate and a bill of sale. AL residents also need to provide payment for the title fees at the local county license plate issuing office.

Smog Certification and Vehicle Inspection

Smog certification is not required in Alabama at this time. As far as vehicle inspections in Alabama are concerned, residents of Alabama may be subject to a vehicle identification number (VIN) inspection. AL residents need to be prepared to pay the title transfer fee of $15.

How to Transfer Your Vehicle’s Title in Alabama

Specific steps are required to successfully transfer your vehicle’s title in Alabama. When you transfer a vehicle’s title, be prepared to pay a title transfer fee. If you lived in a state where they were not required to provide a title for your vehicle, you can provide your car’s vehicle registration certification and use it as proof of ownership.

Title Transfer Requirements When Selling a Car in Alabama

An Alabama vehicle title transfer is required when a vehicle’s ownership changes. If you’re selling a car in Alabama, the buyer is responsible for completing the Alabama MVD vehicle title transfer. As the vehicle’s seller, you are responsible for completing all the required information on the vehicle’s title certificate before giving it to the buyer and completing the bill of sale. If you have misplaced the vehicle’s Alabama title certificate, you can order a duplicate title.

How to Transfer a Car Title When the Owner is Deceased?

An Alabama’s vehicle title needs to be transferred to the beneficiaries, if any, if they choose to keep the vehicle. This vehicle can also be gifted to a family member or sold to a private party. Joint owners and beneficiaries have the legal right to transfer the vehicle’s title after the owner passes away. If the vehicle is going to be used, you need to know whether the car is part of the probated estate.

If the car is part of a probated estate, you need to:

  • Contact the Probate Court and attorney
  • Gather the required documentation to transfer the car’s title
  • Schedule a visit to the title office

Contact the Probate Court and Attorney

You will not be able to transfer the vehicle’s title until the probate is complete. The administrator or executor needs to contact an attorney or Probate Court in a timely manner for the next steps to proceed with the vehicle title transfer.

Gather the Required Documentation to Transfer the Car Title of the Deceased Individual

There are multiple documents required to transfer a vehicle’s title in Alabama. In AL, the required documents are as follows:

  • An order from Probate Court to transfer the vehicle
  • Valid certificate of the vehicle’s title
  • Odometer disclosure statement (Form MVT 5-5)
  • Death certificate of the individual
  • Transfer fee

Visit the Title Office

Only the administrator of the deceased individual’s estate or beneficiary of the vehicle can initiate a vehicle title transfer. Submit valid copies of the above documentation to start the Alabama vehicle title transfer.

How to Transfer a Car Title Without Probate

Without a probate, no attorney or court order is required. If there is no probate, the deceased individual’s property cant’ exceed a certain amount of money, and these proceedings are time sensitive. The deceased individual must have passed away for a certain period before a vehicle title transfer can be initiated.

When there is no probate involved, the beneficiary, joint-owner, spouse, or administrator may be able to use a death certificate and the vehicle’s title to transfer the vehicle’s title at the title office.

Transferring a Title After a Lease Buyout

In Alabama, when a vehicle is purchased from a leasing company, the vehicle’s title must be in your name. You can sell the vehicle or transfer the title of the vehicle to another person. If you are transferring the vehicle’s title in Alabama, you can do so by mail or in person at your local MVD agency.

By Mail

If you decide to transfer a vehicle’s title by mail, you need to:

  • Complete a vehicle registration/Title application (Form MVT 20-1) or application for a title.
  • Proof of identity (valid AL drivers license, non-driver ID card, permit). The type of ID you use must be current.
  • The vehicle’s Alabama state title or other valid proof of ownership of the vehicle (The vehicle’s title must disclose the buyer’s and seller’s information. The leasing company and the buyer must provide their addresses, dates of transfer, and signatures)
  • Proof of sales tax payment
  • If the vehicle is more than 10 years old, an odometer and damage disclosure statement (Form MVT 5-5) must be provided
  • Payment for the Alabama title fee of $20

Mail the completed form to:

Alabama Department of Revenue-Motor Vehicle
2545 Taylor Rd
Montgomery, AL 36117

How to Transfer Ownership of a Car Without a Title in Alabama?

Needing to register a vehicle without a title can be frustrating. A vehicle’s ownership can be transferred without a title, but of course, the process is less of a hassle if you have the title. To transfer ownership of a car without a title in Alabama, you need to apply for a duplicate title by completing a Duplicate Title Request Form ( Form MVT 12-1). You and the seller must sign the duplicate title for it to be valid and accepted in the state of Alabama.

Can I Gift a Car to a Family Member?

Yes, you can gift a car in Alabama. Residents of Alabama will use the same process for a car sale between private parties to transfer the car’s title. Since you are gifting the vehicle, you are the seller. The recipient of the vehicle is the buyer. During the transfer process, you may be required to provide a notarized bill of sale or a vehicle gift affidavit (Form MV IRP-15). On the Alabama vehicle bill of sale, you must provide:

  • Names and complete addresses of the seller and buyer (PO boxes are NOT acceptable) If the vehicle’s seller is a dealer, the dealer’s licensed name must be listed.
  • Date of sale
  • Complete description of the vehicle, such as:
    • Make
    • Model
    • Year
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
    • Body type
    • Series number
  • Vehicle odometer reading at the point of sale
  • Notarized signature of the seller or an authorized representative

Transferring an Out-of-State Title in Alabama

When you need to register a vehicle with an out-of-state title, you are required to apply for a Department of Revenue (DOR) certificate of title. To complete an out-of-state title transfer in Alabama, if you’re a new resident, you must apply for a title transfer, and it must be finalized within 30 days of being in the state. To complete an out-of-state vehicle title transfer in AL, you need to submit the required paperwork, including:

  • Complete the application form
  • Submit the necessary proof of ownership documentation
  • Pay the applicable fees
  • Complete a VIN inspection

At this time, the title transfer process must be completed in person. Once this process is complete, the corresponding county DOR office will issue the title and other necessary documentation.

Out-of-State Title Transfers After Buying or Selling a Vehicle in Alabama

Transferring an out-of-state vehicle title after buying or selling a car is similar to the process of applying for a standard in-state vehicle title. You can submit the above listed items with a bill of sale and a properly reassigned car title. Once the paperwork is submitted and verified, the Alabama DOR will process your vehicle title transfer.

Requesting a Duplicate Title

If you lose or misplace your vehicle’s title, you can request a duplicate title. Replacing your vehicle’s title is important because it serves as proof of ownership. To replace your vehicle’s title, you need to submit a completed Replacement Title (Form MVT 12-1 ). Once you pay the necessary fee for the replacement title, the Alabama DOR will process the application. If you need to replace your vehicle’s title for reasons other than the title being stolen or lost, you will need to provide your vehicle’s title and the necessary paperwork before you can receive a duplicate title. You can replace your vehicle’s title by mail or in person.

How Much Does a Vehicle Title Transfer Cost in Alabama?

An Alabama title transfer costs $15. You need to pay this transfer fee and the processing fee of $1.50 before the title transfer process can be completed.

Where Can I Go to Transfer a Vehicle Title in Alabama?

To transfer a vehicle title in Alabama, you can visit the local DMV office in your area. Click here for a list of Alabama vehicle licensing offices, addresses, and their phone numbers.

Alabama DMV Hours and Contact Information

Most Alabama DMV locations are open from Monday to Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday. Alabama DMV locations open at 8am and close at 4pm. Use this link to learn more information about your local MVD.

How Do You Fill Out the Alabama Title and Transfer Forms?

In Alabama, residents of this state are required to obtain and submit specific documentation, such as, the car title that is assigned to the buyer, proof of a valid AL auto insurance policy, proof of residency, and a valid driver’s license or ID card. You may also be required to provide a notarized power of attorney. Once you fill out the required information on the AL title and transfer forms, visit your local DMV with the above-stated documents to initiate the vehicle transfer process.

My Car Title Was Signed But Never Transferred. What Do I Do?

If a car’s title was signed, but never transferred, this means you will not be able to put the vehicle in your name because it is an open title. This is the perfect situation for title jumping. Title jumping occurs when a seller purchases a car and sells it to another individual without registering the vehicle in their name. The first thing you should do is contact the seller of the vehicle and ask them to provide the necessary information on the paperwork. If a seller’s name is not on the vehicle’s title, but they have power of attorney to sign over the car, the individual will be able to transfer the vehicle title to you. You can also take legal action by filing a fraud claim to request a refund.

When you visit your local Alabama MVD office, make sure you have the necessary documentation to avoid delays with the title transferring process and unnecessary penalties.

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